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Rapid Transformational Therapy®

Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®) is a pioneering therapy based on theoretical neuroscience, which offers fast results by combining the most beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, NLP and CBT.

RTT delivers extraordinary, immediate change. Improving physical, emotional and psychological pain by reframing our core beliefs, values, habits and emotions that are deep in the subconscious.

RTT replaces out-dated belief systems and negative patterns of behavior. New life-affirming beliefs are formed and the healing process begins. You are in full control at all times for the duration of the Hypnosis, if at anytime you wish to stop you can do so.


Rapid Transformational Therapy® can help you to:


  1. Overcome/reduce symptoms of mental illness like stress, anxiety and depression.

  2. Transform unhealthy habits permanently.

  3. Gain freedom from addictions.

  4. Upgrade your mindset and confidence.

  5. Give you the tools to start living an abundant life.

  6. Transform unhealthy relationship patterns.

  7. Improve your sleep and sex life.

  8. Uncover the cause of many physical ailments and provide understanding.

  9. Discover your life purpose and remove any self-limiting beliefs standing in your way.

*Hypnosis is not suitable for anyone who suffers (or has suffered) from epilepsy or seizures, or has been diagnosed with psychosis.

Past Life Regression

Past-life regression: is a gentle form of hypnosis that induces your brain into a trancelike state, that prompts you to recall memories buried deep in your subconscious. You can recall back through time to your previous lives or incarnations by accessing memories and experiences that are normally hidden in your subconscious mind. Your mind knows what you can handle, you will only be taken to lifetimes that you are ready and able to process.


Past Life Regression can help you to:


  1. Reconnect and understand past life experiences.

  2. Help you understand why you feel a deep connection with certain people.

  3. Uncover your past life and how it may be affecting your current experiences.

  4. Illuminate the root cause of any physical ailments you may have in this lifetime.

  5. Explore the cause of any fears or beliefs which you have been unable to explain.

  6. Acknowledge any unresolved emotions and clear them from your system.

*Hypnosis is not suitable for anyone who suffers (or has suffered) from epilepsy or seizures, or has been diagnosed with psychosis.

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