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Depression, Anxiety and Freedom

My story - before...

I have suffered severe depression and anxiety for most of my life. From the age of 10 or 11 years old I frequently contemplated suicide, was incredibly unhappy and bullied through my teenage years. I felt emotionally stunted as a person, I felt lonely and isolated, and I could not connect with my peers. I never made any plans for after high school, what was the point? I was never going to make it to that age, so I thought at the time. By age 17 i was being medicated for ADD which I now believe was a misdiagnosis, and life improved somewhat. I discovered alcohol, and started to come out of my shell bit by bit. I formed relationships and met my husband to be. My story - during... My husband suffered from highly severe depression. He was a roofing contractor by trade and the pressures of the industry along with his history of depression eventually led to his suicide. We dated for 3 or 4 years before we got married, before we met he had attempted suicide in the past on 2 occasions and after we met he made another attempt after our biggest argument in our relationship. He was an alcoholic drinking 8-12 beers ever and working long hours. Our relationship started to become strained after being married for almost 3 years and after a trial seperation he died by suicide 2 days after our 3 year wedding anniversary, leaving me a widow. I struggled for 10 years with guilt, shame and heartbreak. Even though I had moved on eventually in a new relationship, every birthday and anniversary and situation was a difficult reminder of what the world lost that day. I am no longer in a relationship and I have worked hard over the last 2 years on myself, my worth, my personal growth among other ventures. I had relapses of my depression and severe anxiety prior to this, and my journey has not been easy.

My story - after... During my personal growth and development journey I discovered an amazing woman. Her name is Marisa Peer and she is the developer of the Rapid Transformational Therapy technique. She has over 30 years experience in the psychology industry and had one of the greatest mentors in hypnotherapy. She has taken her knowledge and used it to develop this technique and in recent years she has opened up her school of Rapid Transformational Therapy and is teaching students how to do what she does. I have recently graduated as a certified hypnotherapist after attending a 5 day live course in LA and completing 100's of hours of online training. During the training, I was selected by Marisa for a class demonstration. She got right to the root cause of my depression and my anxiety, reframed the beliefs and values that resulted and I am proud to say that after many, many years I have stopped taking my medication and I have NEVER felt so excited and alive in my entire life!!!! So, I propose to you. A collaboration going forward about how we can eliminate depression and anxiety. Will you help me to help transform people into their True Selves?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read. I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Mel McGuire Rapid Transformational Therapist Certified Hypnotherapist

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