My Journey: With Arbonne

I was first introduced to Arbonne by my BNZ work colleague Renee. At the time we had been both working at the BNZ bushinn store as banking advisors. 💵

She first introduced me to the products which I have been using & loving for the past 18 months, when she started her business. I have been a regular purchaser of the cosmetics, which I was so happy to discover were completely animal cruelty free and certified vegan. I was paying off my credit card after my Cruise last year when I mentioned to Renee that I would be interested in buying the full makeup kit worth over $900 once I’d finished paying down my holiday spending. It made sense at this point to sign up as a consultant so I could take advantage of the 35-50% consultant discount, I make recommendations every day on facebook, so why not get paid too. 💄

The amazing community and friendships that have evolved from this, has shown me how different this could be to the corporate world.

I’m still working with BNZ as a Credit Assessor in the Broker Hub doing loans for Mortgage Brokers on behalf of their customers. I have a good job, regular income and a stable work environment. A friend and I had been discussing how our roles in the bank would evolve over time, and we were imagining credit assessment would become more automated in the near future.

Around this time I had also been researching for the best alternatives to products and businesses that were still testing on Animals. I was spending a lot of money on products that just didn’t seem to live up to my expectations. I’d had enough of wasting my money and decided to invest in a Pure, Safe & Beneficial, certified vegan company - that would not only provide me with the cruelty free makeup I was looking for, but it also gave me an avenue to purchase my skincare, personal care & hair care products. I thought “isn’t this fantastic, I can buy everything and still support cruelty free?” 🌿🌻🌾🍃

Here was the solution to all of my problems. I could build up my new business part-time in and around my hectic lifestyle, still work full-time at the bank and volunteer on the weekends at the SPCA. I would be able to reduce my hours at work and eventually work on the business full-time, allowing me to spend more time doing what I love helping at the SPCA and spending time with my 4 legged furbabies.

To think…I just signed up for the extra discount!

This business is so simple, you simply redirect your household spend to your own business and teach other people how to do the same! Business in a box with all the support from your team, district, area and region 😊 not to mention Home Office.

💬 Because of Arbonne – I can see an alternative to redundancy when the time comes that automation takes over my role at the Bank.

💬 Because of Arbonne – I can plan for my trip to Vegas with EXTRA spending money and attend our amazing Global Training Celebration at the same time.

💬 Because of Arbonne – I can be confident that I am doing all I can to support the environment, knowing that I am using cruelty free products.

💬 Because of Arbonne – I am starting to think… I can be healthy inside & out.

I would love for you to join me on this crazy ride, I can’t wait to see where this takes us! Jump aboard whenever you are ready 🎢🎡

I have never felt so inspired, positive, uplifted and I’m actually starting to look forward to the future for the first time in over 30 years.


Arbonne is a Global Health & Wellness company founded in Switzerland in 1975. After five years of research and development Arbonne launched into the United States as a Direct Selling and Social Marketing company, and have since expanded into the UK, Australia, Canada, Poland, New Zealand and Taiwan.

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