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EMPATHY: The Antidote to Shame

What does empathy mean to me?

Have you ever seen the look of utter pity on somebody else's face staring back at you? How does that make you feel?

Have you ever felt like another person is dismissing your feelings entirely, as not being valid or real?

Have you ever been made to feel deep shame, not just regular shame but soul destroying, heart wrenching and gut twisting shame?

I have, more than once, in fact I would have to say many times. On the flipside, have you ever opened to someone, and their immediate response is "I know exactly how you feel, it's hard but we can get through this".

Empathy is....

A look of understanding;

Sitting together in silence;

A heartfelt hug;

Knowing that your person sitting with you has been where you are and knows the way out;

Knowing that if your person doesn't know the way out that they will help you find it;

Feeling loved;

Feeling like you are enough just the way you are;

Positive vibes;

Allowing yourself to feel all of your feelings fully;

Being able to acknowledge those feelings and let them go;

Dig deep and name your shame, once shame has been detected and brought to the surface it can't survive. It can't survive where there is a good dose of empathy. Empathy is the antidote to shame, in order for someone to express empathy you must first become vulnerable. Announce your shame in your safe environment. Surrounded by your safe people. Your Tribe.

This is what came out of my first Soul Therapy session. I had no idea what to expect, but the experience was completely amazing. The intuitiveness of my therapist blew me away, if you are interested in learning more you should definitely get in touch with her.



Soul therapy session 1

I discovered exactly why I've never been inclined to have children. I've always sort of believed in past lives, I don't have any firsthand experience dealing with past life memories, but the feeling has been there. I don't believe out of billions of eternities that our soul only visits each place once, our souls visit many times.

My soul has had many children, and many heartbreaks over children. My soul has lost children tragically in past lifetimes, lost to disease and violence many times over. My soul has also died in childbirth many times, in situations that were not medically advanced enough to ensure an easy birth. At one point the heartbreak and the pain became so much that my soul refused to allow anymore, enough was enough. From that point on my soul knew I would never have another child.

From a very young age I always thought that if I did have children that I would adopt, I couldn't imagine going through childbirth. It soon became a very firm belief that I would never have children with anyone. I've never thought twice about it, my stubbornness ensuring I would never change my mind.

Recently I have been questioning that decision. With the help of Soul Therapy I now understand the reasons behind those feelings and decisions, I can begin to heal. I may decide that I still don't want to have children, but if I do it will be in a safe secure environment and the medical breakthroughs of this time will minimise the risk during and after pregnancy.

The other discovery was around my heart, I've been protecting it for a very long time now. Not entirely sure what I was protecting it from, but it has been caged up tight and only very few people have been allowed close. Shutting down emotionally was my way of staying in control, it's time to let go. It's time to start living. Live fully and be present in all situations.

Thank you Lauralea, can't wait till our next session.

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