Life-changing moments and how important they really are;

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

The funniest thing I have ever seen, is a presentation given by a comedian. Showing the world what happens when you engage a spammer. When he got to the last bit I literally had tears streaming down my face. 9 minute watch but totally worth it....

I think I feel the happiest, when I spend time with my animals. We love having snuggles in bed, I love seeing the bliss on their faces when they get a good tummy rub, and the excitement of being taken to the dog park to catch-up with their doggie friends, and the spring of love (which almost reaches the top of my head...) when you come home, whether you've been gone for 10 minutes or 10 hours. Even the cats start purring when they see me, which is pretty cool considering...

I spend my free time at dog parks, with friends, learning something new on You Tube. I also write my blogs, manage my social media and work on building my tribe of amazing people.

The main event that changed the course of my life, would be when my husband took his own life after dealing with years of depression. It was a shock at the time but not entirely unexpected, he was one of those guys that was a matter of "when" not "if" he would ever do it. Since then I've been on a quest of self destruction, a pursuit of pleasure, and taken a good hard long look at my life's purpose. I've now become obsessed with self development and a hunger for self improvement.

My favourite mentors would have to be:

Mark Manson

Jay Shetty

Hal Elrod

Gabby Bernstein

Marisa Peer

Brene Brown

Darren Hardy

I could list more but I may run out of room...

Oh boy, I've read so many statements and uncovered millions (ok, maybe not millions) of quotes, it's really hard to pick a favourite. This one really resonates with me though "You can't judge a Fish by it's ability to climb a tree" Einstein. The truth in this is that we are all different, we all have different values and those values influence our life choices. Some of us are lucky and know our life's purpose and others have to try and fail, try again and fail again many many times before our life purpose becomes clear. The really unlucky ones just go through the motions never knowing that their life ever had purpose, let alone what that purpose was.

We all have purpose and a passion. I challenge you to discover yours...comment below!

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