More than anything I value Compassion, for all human & animal life. Compassion is the key to living a better life, when you have compassion you can put yourself into other peoples shoes. However, you can only view their life from your own values and this can sometimes lead to judging others. Yes, I need to work on areas of my life. I need to be more open and communicate my emotions more effectively. I need to be less judgmental of other people, everyone has their own path to follow, their own lessons to learn and their own set of values that have shaped them as the person they have become.

My biggest challenge in relationships is expressing how I feel, if my needs aren't being met I struggle to make this request of friends, family and lovers. Even though I have taught myself to speak up, there are still some areas that I feel unable to communicate effectively.

My ex-partner of 9 years would say I'm not afraid to speak my mind. He would say that I'm stubborn and that I never considered his feeling's when making decisions. If I'm honest, there is a lot of truth to that. It took me a long time to work out what's important in life, and what I learned was that if you are with the person right for you then, you will consider them in every decision you make. It won't be something that you have to force yourself to remember.

One of my biggest fears in life, is being left out. I think that fear is what made me settle for a relationship that was less than ideal. I am always wanting my alone time and at the same time do not want to miss out. I would like to be a better communicator, in my personal & professional relationships.

I wish sometimes that people would look past the physical body, and try to get to know the real me. It takes a long time as I don't naturally volunteer information about myself, but the more questions you ask the more comfortable I feel about expanding on my side of the conversation. Now this might sound a bit selfish, it's not intended that way. The most important person in my life right now is me. I've launched myself on a growth lifestyle, and I'm not ready to quit. I'm growing into the person I was meant to be.

Audiobooks have been essential and I really can't live without them anymore. Every month when I get a new credit, I'm excited to peruse my wish list to see which one I will listen to next. It's been so important to help me understand my anxiety, to expand my knowledge and gain skills to live the life I never knew I wanted. This month I'm really looking forward to listening to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy by Kevin Rhodes (techniques for retraining your brain and managing depression and anxiety in just 7 weeks or less).

Then I think I'll be ready for the right relationship...

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